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Thank you for your support over the past several years. Our raw milk herd share program is now closed.

Raw Milk in Jackson Michigan

Raw Grass Milk

Michigan Raw Milk Herd Shares for Jackson MI, Hillsdale MI, and southern Mid-Michigan.

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Quality Michigan Raw Milk for Your Family

You want high quality dairy for you and your family.

You want milk produced by happy cows grazed on healthy pastures and hay grown with organic farming practices.

You want a local farmer you can trust and a farm you can visit firsthand.

Welcome to Weathered Silos Farm in Hanover, MI.

More About the Farm

Weathered Silos Farm is a raw milk herd share operation located in Hanover, MI in close proximity to Jackson, Hillsdale, Adrian, Marshall, and others.

Our cattle are managed with kindness and love. Each of our cows is known by name. Each heifer calf raised on the farm nurses from her own mother for ten months.

Our herd eats a forage-only diet – grazing pasture from May through November with salt and mineral supplements. Hay is harvested and stored on the farm for winter months. Our cows are never fed grain.

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Raw Milk Farming Practices

At Weathered Silos Farm, we take all aspects of our animals’ health into consideration. From their social needs to the food they consume, our animals are cared for humanely. Cows graze a blend of grass and legumes and are offered mineral supplements like organic kelp. Antibiotics are only utilized in life-threatening situations and then milk is withheld for 60 days. The herd is tested annually for major diseases. Cows and heifers are only bred to A2 bulls.

Exclusively Grass-Fed

Minerals and Nutrients

No Antibiotics

MAEAP Logo Certified Farm
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raw milk herd share operation near jackson, adrian, albion, spring arbor, hillsdale michigan

Raw Unpasteurized Grass Milk

Raw grass milk comes from cows that eat a grass-only diet and has not been pasteurized or homogenized.

Cows as ruminants have four stomachs – an intentional design to help them digest the forages they consume as herbivores. A grass diet is ideal for optimal health in cows.

Pasteurization is a process for heating the milk to high temperatures. This process kills beneficial bacteria and enzymes which are available in raw milk.

Homogenization breaks down the fat molecules present in milk so that it can be reincorporated in fluid milk in varying percentages. Raw grass milk is not homogenized. There is a cream layer that naturally rises to the top of raw grass milk. You can enjoy the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids present in the cream layer of raw grass milk, or you can pour the cream off the top of your jar to enjoy with coffee or another treat.

Click the button below to view a chart highlighting the benefits of raw milk over other milk products. Flip to landscape view on mobile devices. Courtesy Organic Pastures.

Is Raw Milk Safe?

It’s a question many people have. We want to make sure you understand the priority we put on the quality and safety of our herd share owners’ milk.

To learn more about raw milk safety and the many health benefits, please visit RealMilk.

Real milk that has been produced in sanitary, humane conditions is a safe and healthy whole food. 

At Weathered Silos, milk is cooled to 36-42° within a half hour of milking and stored in a refrigerated stainless steel bunk tank. Milk is never handled and is fresh every 24 hours. 

Raw milk is a whole food that is delicious consumed in its natural form.

Raw grass milk can stimulate the immune system, build healthy gut walls, prevent absorption of pathogens and toxins in the intestines, and ensure assimilation of all the nutrients available.

Enzymes present in raw milk can make the milk more digestable. Pasteurized milk is not as easy on the human stomach, and lactose intolerance of pasteurized dairy products is on the rise.

Raw milk is a pleasure to drink. It can also be turned into other raw dairy products by herd share owners – yogurt, kefir, cheese, butter, and ice cream!

About Kellie Benzing

Kellie Benzing is the farmer at Weathered Silos Farm. Kellie has wanted to be a farmer for as long as she can remember. She starting milking cows at 14 and spent three years after college gaining experience as a herdswoman for an organic dairy. In addition, she spent several years employed in digital and catalog marketing while building Weathered Silos Farm on the side as her passion project. She is now living out her dream farming full-time and married to her husband, James.

Kellie was a USA Taekwondo Collegiate Team and Senior National Team member in 2012. After a series of head injuries, she received two back-to-back concussions in 2013, ending her Olympic aspirations.

Kellie has been pursuing owning her own business since high school. Between laboring on farms to learn the ropes, training and competing internationally in taekwondo, and recovering from and managing a traumatic brain injury (TBI), Kellie knows what it means to work hard and get her hands dirty.

Join the Raw Milk Herdshare

To enjoy raw unpasteurized grass milk, you need to become a Herd Share Owner. Raw milk cannot be sold or purchased in the state of Michigan.

In our herd share operation, owners pay the farmer (Kellie) a fee for boarding their share of the herd, caring for the herd, and milking the herd. The herd share owner then obtains the raw milk from his or her share of the herd.

For each herd share purchased, you get one gallon of milk each week. You can also own half shares (1/2 gallon a week), or multiple shares (1+ gallons a week). You pick up your fresh milk weekly at our farm.

To join the Weathered Silos Herd Share Program, there is a one-time fee of $75 per share. If you decide to end your share at any point, the farm will purchase your share back from you for $75.

Share owners receive one gallon per week per share, 52 weeks a year. Monthly boarding fees are $30/month. You can browse our herd share agreement PDF here. Weathered Silos Farm is a member of The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and is legally represented.

Ready to get started or have a few questions? Get in touch with Kellie below.

Tour the Farm

We’re excited to share our farm with you. Click on an image to view in a larger gallery.

Reviews of the Farm

"Our family is thrilled to join this farm in herd shares where we can enjoy getting fresh milk on a weekly basis. We have also enjoyed beef and pork that was raised here. The owners are super friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable every time we come. I highly recommend this farm!"

Katie R on Facebook

"We just started the milk share this month, and we are so happy! The milk is amazing, so delicious! Kellie is a hard working and energetic women and you can taste it in the milk! If you are looking for delicious, healthy raw milk and care how the cows are treated and fed, this herd share is perfect for you!"

Seraina K on Facebook

"We love being a part of this farm. We bought a share a few months ago and have been enjoying fresh delicious milk ever since. Kellie is great to work with. We love her enthusiasm and hard work! The care she gives the cows is wonderful."

Crystal P on Facebook

"Incredible people of integrity who work extremely hard to provide excellent products."

Colleen N on Facebook

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If you’d like to take a tour of the farm or get started with a herd share, we’d love to hear from you!

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Weathered Silos Farm

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Michigan Locations We Serve

We love serving Southern Mid-Michigan with raw milk herd shares. Here’s some areas we’re actively serving in our area with herd share owners on-farm pickup.

Jackson County – Serving the city of Jackson and surrounding areas of Spring Arbor, Concord, Grass Lake, Brooklyn, Michigan Center, and more.

Calhoun County – Serving Marshall, Battle Creek, Albion and the surrounding areas.

Branch County – Serving the city of Coldwater and surrounding areas.

Hillsdale County – Serving Hillsdale and the other areas throughout.

Lenawee County – Serving those from Adrian and throughout this area.

In addition we have customers that travel for our raw milk herd shares as far as Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Lansing.

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